The City of Kuala Lumpur in a Day

“What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open.”

Kuala Lumpur was a myriad of things mostly being a dreamscape city tall with superstructures, a splendorous nightlife and bylanes that inevitably end up in mega-malls!

Proof of our twenty four-hours, in order of appearance:

Petronas Towers
A giant, an extravagance of illumination and the heart and soul of KL, the Towers are the tallest twin buildings in the world. This architectural marvel stands among the stars frozen in the sky, making a mighty presence.

Kuala Lumpur Tower
An elegant addition to the skyline, this communications tower has a prominent antenna extending into the airspace. Atop, there’s a revolving restaurant which is magical post sunset.

Central Market
Established way back in the 1800s, this gorgeous facade overflows with stores of all kinds of wares, a melange of aromas and a street market vibe. We were like children in a candy store, you know?!

Petaling St, Chinatown
Inexpensive window(less) shopping in this haven was delightfully entertaining. Overflowing with hawkers and locals, we’re upvoting the visit to Chinatown!

Sungei Wang
Surely, the only thing you can’t find in this centre is yourself, and bad bargains!

The pride of Bukit Bintang is avenues and sub-avenues luxurious with the choicest restaurants, upscale pubs, cute shops believed to be pre-war, and plenty more. We did a little gallivanting before finding ourselves with delicious drinks and food at Baan 26 and amazing music at Beach Club.

Berjaya Times Square
The highlight being a roller coaster, this mall is an unending maze of branded stores and an occasional flea market in its midst.

Heli Lounge Bar
This helipad by day, rooftop watering hole by night, gave us an overview of the dazzling metropolis. Located on the 36th floor, it was here that we spent unspeakably calm moments absorbing the city’s vivid sensory details.

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