Boston in Our Eyes, MA, USA

We set out, under a cerulean blue sky striated with clouds, a day marred with perfection, to Massachusetts’ largest, Boston.

# Quincy Market, the city’s first public marketplace, is the soul of Beantown; its Greek-style architecture, historic location by Faneuil Hall, the arcades of food vendors (read divine Italian pastries and Thai bubble teas) and its upbeat vibe with performers had us galumphing around, felicitously.

# Government Center in the downtown area was a labyrinth of concrete and stone buildings alike, one that defied maps. It was from here that we rented Hubway bikes and toured the roads like flaneurs.

# The Boston Tea Party of 1773 was less festivity and more a political protest that involved 342 chests of tea thrown into the ocean, a mark in the American Revolution. We cavorted around the harbour taking in the splendorous colours. Oh, summer!

# Downtown Crossing, a glorious, heavily festooned shopping area, had us spending a few moments just bathing in the sunlight.

# Boston Common is a part of the Emerald Necklace chain and also the oldest park in the country built in colonial times. On entering the premises, it drew us into an oasis of greenery, as we rode among the swaying trees and midday blaze.

# Mike’s Pastry in Harvard Square sent us into a state of delirium. The reputed classic, vanilla and choco chip cannolis, the cream pies, almond biscottis are some of what caused the aforementioned.

# Brattle Book Shop: If heaven was a place on Earth, it would be this adorable, antique bookstore! Three floors, and an outdoor sale, of beautifully crafted volumes and an incredible range of 1st editions too. “So many books, so little time.”

# Charles St. in Beacon Hill is an artsy neighbourhood in the center of Boston surrounded by boutiques and restaurants. Brunch, at Tatte Bakery and Cafe, was a luxurious affair complete with sweet potato tarts, cherry tomato and feta quiche, crispy halloumi salad, egg sandwiches, and a few rounds of brewed coffee.

# Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Great Dome, where we frittered away on the lawns, houses a world of scientific knowledge; constructed in the early 1900s and situated opposite the wandering waters of Charles.

# Charles River, totalling 80 miles in length, oozed romance that evening! We blithely watched as sailboats cruised under the fading sun while the warm breeze carried a whiff of the sea.

# Boston Public Library located in Copley Square is one of the nation’s finest. Our visit there proved cathartic. The reading areas, especially Bates Hall, pierced our weak hearts with sublimity and was every bit a bibliophile’s dream. Our ebullience was undiminished as we delved into the history defining its heavily painted ceilings and walls.

After an exhilarating 24 hours, we concluded this trip but knew that our dalliance with the city of Boston had only just begun.

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