Vermont in all its Fall Glory

There are only a few things more thrilling than a Mustang and fall colours, and them together. We checked this off our bucket-list, one beautiful October morning.

Moaning winds and a partly sunlit autumn sky – enhancing the greens, yellows and oranges of the maple – was a day we, and some friends, picked to do a little trip up north: Connecticut to Vermont. About 500 miles, back and forth; a white, sleek, high performance, attention-seeking Mustang convertible being our ride.

But, of course.

Beyond, the landscape was lined with climbing wood, the sun golden on its branches and houses set in the backdrop of fall foliage.

We were floating in a world of picturesque trees.

The small city of Burlington, the largest in the state of Vermont – located on the shores of Lake Champlain – was vibrant and bustling with activity, mid-morning: flame-throwers, street dancers, free tasting in chocolate stores, open fronted pizzerias and plenty of tourists from across the country.

And yet, we found our moment of peace in this hubbub. As the leaves tossed about in the sudden gust of wind, we stood overlooking the circle of the placid lake.

A quiet so deep.

Then, there were samples of strawberry cheesecake ice cream had, at the Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Waterbury.

Before going back home, we stopped to stare while the evening light gently picked out the colour on the grass and leaves.

It is believed that true quests of adventure aren’t measured so much in time and distance as much as in hope. Here we are already hoping to discover Vermont some more. Soon. 

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