Howdy Houston!

If you’re planning a trip to Texas and do land up in its largest city, Houston, here are some ways to be absolutely touristy.

1. As you’re riding through this populous state, it’s most likely that you will realize how massive it is. 6-lane roads, futuristic skyscrapers on one hand, and the long, undulating, flat countryside, on the other. But, enjoy the drive. The uncongested roads (as opposed to the East coast) are an exhilarating experience.

2. The Williams Tower is the tallest in Houston. With streaks of sunlight reflecting off of it, with a view of the Waterwall, with the summer sky and the delightfully green, Gerald. D. Hines Park, this can be quite a sight.

3. In the vicinity, the Waterwall, recirculates several hundred tons of recycled water every day and is almost 65 feet in height, we were told. You might have to jostle your way to get a decent picture here but it’s amazingly cooling in 100*F.

4. Food trucks. Because there’s nothing like Tex-Mex in Texas, right? You are sure to find them in every nook and corner.

5. Whether you’re Hindu, or not, there’s a finely carved marble temple, Swami Narayan, in the heart of the city, which you cannot miss. The serenity you may feel here is astounding. No, I’m serious; a less touristy thing to do – but, hey, who would’ve thought!

6. When in Houston, visit NASA. The Mars free-fall , space shuttle tours, your weight on Jupiter, touching a ‘piece of the moon’ and trying on astronaut jumpsuits will bring out your inner child.

7. The Kemah boardwalk. Like a million, bright supernovas, this place is glorious post-sunset. Waterfront dining, spectacular views and amusing ziplines. It’s possible you might never want to leave!

8. If you took all the rainforests in the world and put them together, it would be here, at the Rainforest Pyramid in Moody Gardens. Climate-controlled, tropically-recreated spaces where you may chance upon posing Saki monkeys, poison dart frogs, macaws, blue duikers and so many many more exotic species.

9. Ride surrey bike limos on Galveston Island’s Galveston Beach, with a bowl of frozen yogurt. The gentle wash of the waves, strips of clouds gliding overhead, sea breeze, the gleeful whistling wind, the weathering sun, and the curvy coastline is sure to please you, infinitely.

All you have to do is stop and stare.

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