Cleveland Chronicles, Ohio

“How many godly creatures are there here!/ How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,/ That has such people in ‘t!”

Almost 600 miles away, in the state of Ohio, lay Cleveland that beckoned to us, one weekend, like a shiny unfamiliar constellation.

We made a priority stop at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – a supernatural, bold, elevated, prismatic construction situated on the banks of Lake Erie.

Gamboling and reminiscing legendary music-makers, Jim Morrison, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, sent warm waves of nostalgia through us.

We checked into Holiday Inn’s Cleveland Clinic for a quick nap (the straight 8-hr drive had taken its toll) before delving into the city’s throbbing heart, East 4th. Exuding an iridescent feel, this street was so alive with bars and restaurants that it stalled us in make dinner plans.

Finally, Zócalo Tequilería it was, with flavoured margaritas and abundant bowls of guacamole, tortillas, nachos, black beans and all.

Walking hand-in-hand in the moonlight, past Playhouse Square, we realized that travelling together brings out the best in us.

Day two in the city began with a visit to the vibrant indoor/outdoor West Side Market.

Rows of delicatessen cheeses, a melange of aromas from baked French breads, bagfuls of brewing coffee beans, chocolate and raspberry filled pastries, colourful, twirly pasta, and more. Oh, our bottomless stomachs!

Adjoining the marketplace thrived the Great Lakes Brewing Company. It took us just one glance to be smitten – the wooded decor, the chirpy vibe and little dining canopies in the open added a certain ambience while we sat savouring our pale ales and dark roasted malts.

As the pavonine rays of the sun peaked, we found ourselves gypsying around Cuyahoga National Park, half an hour from the cosmopolitan. The almost-gothic forest trail led to the unspeakably serene waters of Brandywine Falls drifting into infinity.

“You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”

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